Heather Tucker – Ralph Naters

Heather Tucker wrote:

“I wondered if any one can help me regarding my family history. Ralph Naters/Natter/Natteris /Nattriss married Ann Hodgshon on 17/11/1701 in Hamsterley. Does any one have any more information on either family, as they are my Great x6 grandparents.”

Sylvia Lagah replied:

“I had a look at the Naters you are looking for. Someone on Ancestry has a tree with the Hamsterley connection but it doesn’t seem to match up with the tree from Google books. The Hamsterley Naters seem to come from that area for several generations whereas the Google tree has Gateshead or Whickham.
I have a tentative/ not proven marriage for my Ralph to Isabel Middleton 1696 St John Newcastle.”

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