Jayne Allaire – Elizabeth Anne Nicolson

Jayne Allaire wrote:

“My grandmother, Elizabeth Anne Nicolson, was born in Hamsterley on the 3 or 4 July 1914. Would you be able to help me find her birth certificate. My grandmother left Hamsterley in the 1930′s to go to London, I think she attended a Grammar School or such like as she left and went to London with one of her friends to be lady’s in waiting. They then left London to travel to Jersey where she raised a family and died. I would really appreciate your help and I have always wanted to trace her family tree. Her Grandmother her bought her up died during the 2nd World War – sorry I don’t know her name. Her other Grandmother was a Gipsy which would be really good to see where that led us.”

Jonathan Peacock replied:

“Yes, I can help you get the birth certificate. Indeed, if you are coming to
join our village and family history day on 13th August I can show you how, or
indeed get for you so it is waiting for you. They cost about £9.”

(Jayne, Could you send me a reply via the comment form below. I have lost your email address and this will allow me to recover it without displaying it on the website. Thanks. Derek.)

If you can help with any information, please respond via the ‘Leave a Reply‘ box at the foot of the page.


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3 Responses to Nicholson

  1. Jayne Allaire says:

    Hi Derek

    My Grandmothers birth date was 3rd or 4th July 1913 or 1914.

    Thanks so much for your help, I can send you the £9 or other funds to cover the cost of the Certificate. On the birth certificate does it have my grandmothers father and mothers names?

    Kind regards

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