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Malcolm Race wrote:

“I know that my family come from Hamsterley and have traced back to a Hugh Race who was born there in 1799. This is where it goes a bit vague for me as I am unable to identify his wife as it appears that he had two with first names Elizabeth. Is there anyone out there that could help clarify the situation?”

Ann Brooker replied:

“I am researching the Race family of Hamsterley. via William Race who married Elizabeth Bryan 30.11.1790. I think Hugh and William could be brothers, as well as a George. All born at Langley dale, Staindrop parish. Have you tried the Durham BT’s? free!

My notes:
Hugh farmed at Ravensford and was `native of Langleydale`, Staindrop with the entries for all his children.
Hugh married Mary Barthwaite? Surname illegible.
Hugh’s 5th son was born in 1802.”

Malcolm Race replied:

I am sure that there’s a connection here.
My Hugh 1799 was born in Hamsterley, had a brother George b. 1734 also in Hamsterley – their father was George b 1765 Langleydale. This presumably must be George the brother of William and Hugh.”

Ann Brooker replied:

“Hugh b.c.1799 and George b.c.1734 could not be brothers as the birth gap is too large.
My Wiliam who married Elizabeth Bryan was born pre 1772 and was a native of Langley Dale.
I have the following children of Hugh and Margaret born 1759-1770 at Staindrop:
Mary 1759, George 1760, Margaret 1762, George (again) 1765, Elizabeth 1768, Hugh 1770-at langlet dale..
`George was probably an important family name if the couple used it twice.
I have noted gaps in the registers. William could have been born between 1762 and 1765 or 1765-1768.
Hamsterley register mistakenly gives Elizabeth Bryan to be Hugh’s spouse.
I hope all this helps. Happy hunting!”


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  1. Kathleen Cook says:

    My grandfather Tom Race lived in Ravensford Farm in 1911 according to the 19ll census
    his wife s maiden name was Beadle. On my fathers birth certificate the address were he was
    born is Bedlington Castle, Hamsterley, but I cant find any record of this address. I would
    appreciate a reply.

  2. Kathleen Cook nee Race says:

    My grandfather Tom Race lived in Ravensford Farm in 1911 according to the 1911 census,
    I notice the farm was derelict until bought by the present owners. Is there any history known
    about it?

    • Jonathan Peacock says:

      I have just spotted your posting about Ravensford Farm, where Thomas Race was living in 1911. Yes, we know a great deal about its history, back to 1660. If you get in touch with me at peacock@mortonhodson.co.uk we can talk about it.
      Jonathan Peacock

  3. Kathleen Cook nee Race says:

    Further to my previous question, my aunt and uncle were Emma and Sylvester Blackett, and
    when I was a child I used to visit them at their smallholding in Redford.

    • jean fenwick says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      I’m interested in how far you have got with the Race family tree. I think I am related to you. My grandparents were Emma and Sylvester Race and lived at Redford. Nana moved to Orchard View and then to Chapel Close and died in 1976. She had two daughters Rosella and Doris. Doris been my Mother who died in 1989. My maiden name is Weir and my two brothers and myself still live in the village. It would be great to here from you.

    • jean fenwick says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      An amendment to the Name Emma and Slyvester Blackett: Race was Nana’s maiden name.

      • kathleen cook says:

        I havent been on this site for sometime, but you are related to me as
        Rosella and Doris were my cousins, I spent a few holidays with my aunt
        Emma and uncle Syl when I was young and I have good memories of
        them this was at the smallholding at Redford. My late brother Maurice
        also had holidays with them but not at the same time as me.

  4. Frank Sanderson says:

    Dear Kathleen,
    I’m related to your family through my grandmother Edith Stephenson (1883-1922) who married Frank Sanderson in 1904 in Hamsterley. I haven’t done much research on the connection but I believe it’s through my grandmother’s family – Simpson/Beadle (sometimes misspelled as ‘Bedale’). I have a photograph of Aunt Sally Race on horseback.
    I would be interested in learning more about the connection.

  5. Kathleen Cook nee Race says:

    Thank you Frank for your reply, My Grandmother’s name was Sarah Race nee Beadle, and Im
    presuming she was the aunt Sally you refer to. My son and I have only recently started to trace family history and I was very interested on your comments.

  6. Malcolm Race says:

    Dear Anne
    Thanks for the information.
    I forgot about this website for sometime. You mention Durham BT’s. What are they? Are they something I could research on line?
    This information about Hughes wife being Mary Barthwaite? could be a lead I could follow.
    Thanks Again

  7. Peter G. Dobson says:

    I’m Peter Dobson researching the Dobsons of Melsonby and I have a Thomas Race marrying Sarah ? in 1884 in Hamsterley. (I may have the wrong Hamsterley) but their daughter Margaret Annie Race born 1886, married Samuel Dobson from Melsonby and they both died in Redworth. I have some photos and also one labelled “Aunt Violet at Oxmoor”.

    • I was very interested in your comments, as my grandfather Tom Race had daughters
      Margaret, Emma and Violet, I think Margaret had a daughter called either Nellie or Violet she lived in Heighington, and is my cousin. Oxmoor Farm is where my grandfather farmed and I lived there till I was 4 yrs old.

  8. I would say we are related a few times removed. I have looked at your website and you have
    had an interesting life. I have ordered your book Grandads Book on line.Out of curiosity, was
    someone in your family a squadron leader in the RAF during the last war?

  9. Thanks for ordering the book, Dad was a Chief Tech in the RAF and would be very pleased! My parents, myself and a family member in Australia who is a professional geneologist (One of Dad’s uncles emigrated to Aussie) spent a lot of time tracing our particular Dobson line back to Spofforth and area but we loose track in the mid 1500s. The Race element proved much more difficult.

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