Kevin Richardson – The Richardsons

Kevin Richardson wrote:

“Do you have access to the 1641 Protestation Returns which includes the 198 names of those who lived in Hamsterley and the 1732-43 Court Leet records with a list of villagers? Or can you advise me where to find them? I believe that our Richardsons were living in the Parish between c1580-1777  – any help appreciated.”

Jonathan Peacock replied:

“There is certainly no shortage of Richardsons running through the history of Hamsterley, right up to today.  We have at least 2 families here now.  To answer your specific question..

“In 1601 Henry Richardson held what is now called Beckside (Linburnbeck).

“The Protestation Return of 1642 can be read in the House of Lords library in London.  Henry was an overseer, and John also signed.

“In 1666 Henry was an appraiser for the effects of Anthony Dixon of Ravensford, who had died.

“In 1757 Richard was a Commissioner appointed under the Enclosure Act.  Robert was allotted 7 acres and 2 poles of land, together with Josiah Cole.

“I know of various Court Leet returns, but had not picked up the fact that there was a specific list of villagers in those.  I will get digging. Thank you very much for the clue.”

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