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The Baptist Church – The Spence Family

The Baptist Church – The Spence Family

Photograph loaned by Del Quinn.

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8 Responses to The Baptist Church – The Spence Family

  1. Frank Sanderson says:

    Dear Del,
    Do you have the names of the members of the Spence Family in the photograph? I have a connection with the Spence Family through great aunt Mary Ann Stephenson who married Hugh Spence in 1884.
    Frank Sanderson

  2. Admin says:

    Dear Frank,

    Del has now left the village. I will see if I can find her email address and pass this query on to her.

    Hamsterley Website Team

  3. David Clarke says:

    Yesterday I spoke to a Miss Jean Gill (of Rowlands Gill), at present a member of Crook Baptist Church, who remembers a Miss Spence playing the organ (an Harmonium in front of the pulpit) at Hamsterley Baptist Church.

  4. Pam Million says:

    Miss Spence, Lovely lady, Sunday school teacher, we school children gathered at her house across the road from school {now village hall} at lunch time pre Easter, to learn songs for the Baptist Aniversary, whether we were Baptist, C of E, or Methodist.
    I remember her little organ, and would love to know what happened to it, when it disappeared not long ago.
    As each of us village girls married she bought us all a brass toasting fork. most of all I remember her gentle manner,a lovely lady.

  5. Margaret Howe says:

    I lived in Hamsterley in 1941, I was born in Bishop Auckland and brought home to Bleak House.We lived with my grand parents Mr & Mrs Jolly, who are both buried at the church in Hamsterley.Does any one remember Bleak House?
    We later moved to Hollin Hill house over looking the village green.I have lots of happy memories of Hamsterley,I am hoping to visit this summer.
    My mother is called Dora Maguire and will be 98 this May !!!

    • Pam Million{ nee Guy says:

      I remember you Margaret Maguire also Mr Jolly, your mother was a great friend of my mother, Violet Guy {nee Bainbridge} who at one time lived in Bleak House with her parents, sadly she has now died but would have now been 95. After Bleak House she lived at Holly Bush, she used to have a photo of your mother milking our goat on the `The Quarries` below Bleak House.

      • Margaret Howe says:

        Hi. I am so excited to get a reply from you! I am hoping to come to Hamsterley this summer, so is my cousin Roy, do you remember him and my auntie Ali?
        Can you remember anymore about Bleak House, I was very young when I lived there but still have some flashes of memory of it.
        I will tell my mother about your mother she may not remember of course, she is in a home in York,but keeps very well, her mind drifts into the past quite often.
        I do hope to hear from you again, thank you so much for replying.

  6. Ian Dixon says:

    I was minister of Hamsterley Baptist Church – 1963-69, and Beulah and I got to know Lily Spence very well. We appreciated her friendship and support to our ministry. She gave outstanding service to the church over many years as church secretary and in other aspects of the church’s life. Finding her in the 1912 photograph was a pleasing surprise to us. We have many happy memories of our time in Hamsterley.

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