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Thomas Kirkup and family

Thomas Kirkup and family

Photograph sent by Mr. Frank Davey from Canada. He writes: “This photo has been reliably dated to 1879-80. It shows Thomas Kirkup (top left, born Hamsterley in 1797, d. 1881), with his wife, nee Hannah Dowson (b. Lynesack & Softley 1819, d. Hamsterley 1898) beside him, top row second from left. It seems to be a photo of them with their grown children and their spouses.

“Below him, middle row far left is his daughter-in-law, Ann (nee Ormston), wife of Thomas Dowson Kirkup. Bottom row far right is Thomas Dowson Kirkup. I believe that the others in the top row are Thomas’s other son, George William, born 1849 in Hamsterley, and his wife Elizabeth, who was born in South Bedburn. The man at the bottom left is possibly Matthew Elliott of Lynesack & Softley, who married Thomas’s daughter Ann (b 1840), who herself is probably at the right of the middle row. At the center of the middle row would then be another daughter, Hannah, b. 1841, who died in Hamsterley unmarried in 1918.”

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