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Margaret Kirkup wedding

Margaret Kirkup wedding

Photograph sent by Mr. Frank Davey who lives in Canada. It is of his grandmother’s sister Margaret Kirkup’s wedding in June 1899 in Hamsterley.

He writes: “The groom, Thomas Cranston (center, with his bowler hat on his knee, with Margaret to our right, his left), was from South Bedburn. After the wedding the couple lived in Wolsingham, and for the rest of their lives in a ‘Knitsley Cottage’ situated between Hamsterley and Wolsingham. People whom I spoke to in 1996, including the postmistress, still remembered them — and the fundraising they used to do for the Conservatives.”

Mr. Davey also notes: “According to the photograph of a plaque from inside St. James Church (See the Organisations/St. James page), the vicar of Hamsterley between 1885 and 1905 was Henry Taylor Lovejoy. Perhaps this is the vicar who performed the ceremony and is standing on the far right.”

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