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Timber Lorry, Hamsterley Forest

Timber Lorry, Hamsterley Forest

Roger Lake writes:

“I have just come across an old photo of a lorry with a very big tree on it. On the cab the name is Smith of Hamsterley, nr Bp. Auckland. There are four men beside the tree. The tree looks about 6ft dia and 30/35 ft long.
I think that I might be related to one of the men – my grandad’s brother moved up your way.
I dont know if there is anybody interested in a copy of this photo or anybody with the name of Eggleton.

Roger Lake, from Norfolk.”

See also the next photograph.

If you can help Roger, please send us a reply using the form below.

David Walton writes:

“Roly Smith tells me, that it his grandfather’s timber lorry, and has asked me to request a photo on his behalf (Sent).


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