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Primary School pupils

Primary School pupils

The photo of the pupils in Hamsterley School was taken on 18th June 1952 by the Northern Despatch. The children were:

Left Row, Middle Row, Right Row

Anne Smith, Sandra Miller, Kathleen Jewitt
Anne Simpson, Joan Simpson, Evelyn Tallentire
Harold Raine, Robin Smith, Valerie Smith
Alfie Featherstone, Ken Knaggs, Jackie Simpson
Roland Smith, Barry Marquis, Barbara Coatsworth
Clare Stephenson, Michael Weir, Sylvia Walton
Eric Howe, Reuben Smith, Colin Smith
David Rawdon, Derek Storey
Jennifer Tallentire, David Tallentire
Dorothy Todd, Maureen Hutchinson
-, Brenda Smith
-, Irene Coatsworth

The teacher was Miss Doris Wilson (See below).

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  1. clare bainbridge says:

    The teacher is Miss Doris WILSON later to become Mrs Doris Bainbridge of West Hoppyland Farm, Hamsterley

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