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The Grays

The Grays

Left to right: Mary Gray, Ethel Gray, Jane Gray. Diddridge Farm, Hamsterley. Approx 1914.

(Photograph loaned by David Gray.)

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3 Responses to The Grays

  1. Jackie Thorburn says:

    I think that it might be (left to right) Ethel, Peggy & Isabel Gray

  2. Jackie Thorburn (nee Gray) says:

    Sorry, you are right. It was the lady on the right that confused me.
    I had thought it was my gt grandmother Isabel Gray (nee Binks) as it looks very much like other photographs that I have seen of her, she would have been about 31 in 1914. If indeed it is Jane Gray (nee Vart), then she would be my gt gt grandmother & would have been about 65 in 1914 & this would be the only image I have ever seen of her. Thank you.

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