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Some historical photographs of Hamsterley.  We know very little about some of these images.  If you have any information, please comment (below) or contact us.

Some of the existing images were taken from copies, so the quality is not too good.  If  you can let us have better originals, please contact us.

Or, if you could let us have some other old photos of Hamsterley, again, please contact us.

Just click on an image to enlarge.

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7 Responses to History – Places

  1. Frank Sanderson says:

    Great to see this site. My father’s family is from Hamsterley – my grandparents were Frank Sanderson (1868-1955) and Edith Stephenson (1883-1922) from Bedburn. They lived at Pond House. I have information I’ll share with you when I have the time.

    • Admin says:

      I look forward to receiving it.
      Hamsterley Website Team.

      • Frank Sanderson says:

        Hi Derek,
        Just read the entry about the history of Hamsterley School. In 1834, my great great aunt Jane Sanderson died in a fire at the school:-

        Article now on History – ‘The accidental death of Jane Sanderson’ page.

  2. Frank Sanderson says:

    Hi Derek,
    Please let me know how I can send you photos electronically.

  3. Colin Leaton says:

    I am a member of the Leaton Blenkinsopp family, and I will be in the
    Hamsterley area Friday 13th September. I would be nice to be
    xperience the location my family had such roots in so many years
    ago. I am aware of the links with Hoppyland (and the scandal)
    If anyone has any further insight, or information, that would be wonderful.
    Kind regards, Colin Leaton.

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