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Shull Lodge 1910

Shull Lodge 1910

Photograph sent by Mr. Frank Davey from Canada.

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  1. Mike Turner says:

    We have been living in Shull Lodge for the last 33 years and were delighted to see this photograph. We would very much like to know what the connection is with Mr Davey in Canada!

  2. Admin says:

    I will email Mr Davey and let you know what his reply is.
    Hamsterley Website Team

    • Admin says:

      Frank Davey has replied:
      The postcard with the Shull Lodge photo was sent by a young girl — Gladys, one of my mother’s cousins — to my mother in 1913 about a month after she and my grandparents had emigrated to Canada. The message on it reads “Just a few lines to say are you all right. How do you like Canada. Has your father got work yet, and how did you like to be on the ship. I hope uncle and auntie and yourself are quite all right.” I believe Gladys was a daughter of my grandmother’s sister Alice Kirkup, who married Tom Stephenson, who together operated the Cross Keys for a number of years. The postcard (which says “POSTCARD Printed in Great Britain” on the back) seems to have simply a commercial “local landmark” postcard of the kind that was commonly printed and marketed in that time, near the end of the period of avid postcard collecting. It looks to me like a high-quality professional photo. It was probably sold to Gladys by a shop in Hamsterley. Mike can take some pleasure in his house already being locally a famous landmark in 1913!

      As you know, my grandmother’s Kirkup family had lived in the Hamsterley/South Bedburn area at least since the 18th century, with descendants in both places until the 1950s or early 60s. Gladys and her parents, and my grandmother, would undoubtedly been familiar with Shull Lodge. Give my regards to Mike.

      • Frank Sanderson says:

        Gladys would have been about 10 years old when the postcard was sent. She was my father Henry Sanderson’s cousin – his mother Edith Stephenson was the sister of Tom, Gladys’s father. Gladys was a bridesmaid at the wedding of my Aunt Ella Sanderson to Dick Atkinson on 25 August 1926. I have a photo of the wedding group, taken at Pond House, Hamsterley.

  3. David Walton says:

    I found this website when trying to decide if it was Skull or Shull Lodge appearing in the 1891 Census return. My interests were the occupants of Shull Lodge – Joseph Pickering + Emily Hopps + Family. The Pickerings came from Stanhope to Wolsingham then South Bedburn and occupied the lodge for at least 10 years, or more. Joseph Pickering was a Cartman.
    Sorry, no direct link but rather one of the Pickerings married a Westgarth, another Westgarth married into the Walton family (Blackhill, near Consett) and my interest was in that branch of the Walton family tree.
    Visits to Bedburn and Hamsterley were favourites for family outings in the 1950 – 1960’s.

  4. Paul Tyreman says:

    I have recently discovered that my great Aunt on my mothers side, Caroline Greenwell had the use of the lodge in the early part of the 20th century as a base for her ornithological activities. There had been rumours circulating in the family that Shull lodge may have been owned by her uncle Joseph Marquis Greenwell, but I have no evidence for this.
    Who ever owned it probably did not know how important the lodge was to auntie Car as she was working as a nurse in Hexham at the time and would cycle from there to Shull at every opportunity.
    I wonder if anyone has a brief history of the lodge that could be shared with me.

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