Assize Roll 223, 27 Henry III (1242)

Roger Hansard servant of Winde Gate wounded Ralph Underside of Hamsterley and he subsequently died. iudicum, exigatur per sectum curie (outlawed).

Hueloc of Hamsterley died suddenly in Hamsterley field; his wife Syerith was the first to find him: she came and is not suspected. Death by misadventure. And the inhabitants of Hamsterley, And William Dene, Lambert Lambert’s boy, and Robert son of Agnes buried him without coroner: therefore liable.

Two sons of Ada the priest of Darlington robbed Robert son of William of Hamsterley in Morhil moor: they were afterwards hanged.

Richard Stagge and John Gamellus, his brother of Unesleie were taken for the theft of 6 sheep which belonged to John of Hamsterley; and John is dead and is suspected, and Gamellus is not suspected: therefore acquitted and inquiry is to be made about the said John’s cattle.

(Contributed by Mavis Brown-Humes)

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