Protestation Return – 1641

(Provided by Jonathan Peacock.)

In 1641 all adult males were required to make a Protestation under oath in support of King and Parliament, defending the Protestant religion against all Popery.  Members of the House and Peers took it in May, followed by a few parishes in London, and national implementation followed a letter from The Speaker of the House of Commons to county sheriffs in January 1641/2.  Organised by hundred or wapentake, ministers, churchwardens, constables and overseas of the poor were to take the Protestation before justices of the peace at a local market town.  The returns for the whole country were arranged by parish and sent to Westminster during March.

A few areas had women swear (about 1% of the total lists), and non-jurors were Recusants, whose loyalty was considered suspect.

The names follow the “officers” of the village – Curat: John Dunkan, Constables: Thomas White, John Dowson, Samuell Grenwell, Churchw.: Thomas White, Henry Hall, Thomas Sanderson, Overseers: Henry Richardson, Christopher Huntershell, Robert Grinwell, Parishe Clearke: William Hodgson.  The names, for the combined villages, are:

John Crawe
Thomas Wilbourne
George Heron
Thomas White, jnr
Peter Natrisse
Georg Blackitt
William Gibbon, snr
Christopher Gibbon
Raphe Gibbon
William Gibbon jnr
William Lindsley
David Watson
Robert Rose
Leonard Maddyson
William Dixon
Henry Follansby, gent
Robert Follansby, gent
Thomas Gibbon
Christopher Trotter
William Dunkan
Michell Pattinson
Henry Moore
John Robson
Richard Cole
William Cole
Christopher Cole
Henry Cole
Raphe Cole
John Maire
Christopher Pattinson
Raphe Jackson
William Natrisse
Cuthbeart Natrisse
Cuthbeart Lowishe
William Blackitt
Christopher Blackitt
John Dixon
William Maddyson
Stephen Sanderson, sen
John Emerson
Cristopher Perkin
Anthony Dobbynson
John Wigginn
Robert Natrisse
Georg Emerson
Henry Peirson
John Hodgson
John Todd
Christopher Pinckney
John Natrisse
Christopher Hodgson
John Hester, gent
Henry Blackitt
William Walton
Robert Dowson
Peter Maddyson
John Watson
Thomas Symeson
William Symeson
Ralph Walton
William Walton
Anthony Hodgson
William Dowson
Raphe Watson
William Bradley
John Richardson
Thomas Hall
John Permeley, jun
Robert Ramshawe
John Sidgwicke
Henry Atkinson
William Walton
Thomas Atkinson
Richard Atkinson
Christopher Blackitt, jun
Henry Dickinson
William Dickinson
Christopher Dobbynson
John Langhorne
Robert Hodgson
John Blackitt
Jerritt Stockelt, sen
Cuthbeart Stockeltt
William Stockeltt
Jerritt Stockelt, jun
John Compton
Hughe Hawden
John Permeley, sen
Richard Permeley
Bryan Permeley
Thomas Lowrey
Anthony Hodgson
William Laybourne
William Langhorne
William Dowson, jun
Robert Walton
Michell Walton
Richard Walton, jun.
Richard Steley
Gregory Steley
Thomas Dowson
Thomas Permeley
John Chapman
Bryan Todd
Hugh Hodgson
Stephen Sanderson, jun.
John Emerson, jun.
Raphe Ratchester
Hughe Garthrone
William Walton, sen.
Thomas Howe
Henry Stabler
John Jackson
Christopher Dixon
Nocholos Chapman
Percevell Blackitt
Anthony Garthrone
Thomas Shadworth
William Robbynson
Georg Lindsley
John Hodgson, jun.
William Preston
Rowland Todd
Sammuell Grinwell, sen.
Georg Hodgson
Raphe Hodgson, jun.
Robert Dent
Raphe Hodgson, sen.
John Hawden
Robert Bradley
William Johnson, sen.
William Johnson, jun.
Thomas Grinwell
Peter Hodgson
Christopher Robbynson, sen.
Richard Walton
William Grinwell
Robert Browne
Christopher Robbynson, jun.
Robert Wilde
Henry Bell
William Robbynson
Moses Newbey
John Grinwell
John Blackitt, jun.
William Maddyson, sen.
Raphe Stephenson
Thomas Gibbon
John Bradley
Raphe Bradley
Raphe Hodsgon
William Spedling
Thomas Hodgson
Willm. Johnson, sen.
Charles Hodgson
John Wilson
Robert White
Robert Purbane
William Rose
Robert Hodgson, jun.
Georg Vickers
Lancelott Freeke
John Wodd
Thomas Maddyson
Edward Maddyson
Hughe Blackitt
William Sympson
Tobye Hudspeath
Robert Yarr
William Slacke
John Yarr, jun.
Michell Perking
William Perking
George Potter
Thomas Hodgson

James Metcalfe, gent
Turistall Toyes
Robert Peirson
John Appleby, sen.
Michell Appleby
John Appleby, jun.
Anthony Appleby
John Yarr, sen.
William Dobbynson
Rowland Robbson
Christopher Walton

(199 names, including officers)


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