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The Baptist ChurchServices
Services are held at 10.30am every 4th and 5th Sunday of the month.

The Rev Trevor Rowe will be our pastor from April, taking over from Rev Ray Richardson who resigned last December. Trevor is a retired Baptist minister, most recently pastoring a church in Willingham 8 miles north of Cambridge, and will serve Bishop Auckland and Hamsterley Baptist Churches on a voluntary basis. We are most grateful for his willingness to give his time and energy to us in this way.

His contact details are: Rev Trevor Rowe, 149 Bankhead Road, Northallerton, DL6 1JB, telephone 01609771432 or mobile 07715049632 and email
Informal Bible studies are held every Thursday at 7.30pm.

We welcome any interested person to any of our meetings.

For more details please contact Mr D.Clarke on 488970 or email at

The History of the Baptist Church

There has been a Baptist presence in the village dating back to 1652, although the current building dates only from 1774 when George III was King of England. James Cook had ‘discovered’ New South Wales in 1770 and America was fighting for its independence, which it achieved in 1776.Below are some of the photographs hanging in the church.  If you have any information on them, please contact us.  Just click on the images to enlarge.

The Baptist Church – The Congregation – 1903?The Baptist Church Congregation – 1903? We believe the year this photograph was taken to be 1903 – certainly the month and day are June 25th.  Not the different spelling of ‘ancient’. We wonder if anyone can ‘claim’ a relative. Thanks to Del Quinn for this information.

The Baptist Church – The Congregation – ?


The Baptist Church Congregation – ?
Another congregation. Year unknown, but the month was July.

The Baptist Church – The Spence Family



The Spence Family

The Spence Family, Christmas 1912. Great Uncle Tom Spence, Auntie Lily Spence, Great Auntie Meggie Spence.

The Baptist Church – Founding Fathers?



The Founding Fathers?
This is from an etching hanging in the Baptist Church. The men in the photograph are, possibly, the Founding Fathers of the church.There is a list of signatures below the photograph – presumably in the same order as the people in the photo.  The names are very indistinct, but as far as I can make out, they are:Top row: J Murcheson, W Ward, W Knoll?, J Burchell, J Rippon, D Taylor, J G Pike, W Steadman, L Pearce.  Bottom row: W Harvey, Joseph Kinghorn, John Ryland, Robert Hall, Andrew Fuller, J Foster.I understand from Del Quinn that a number of these names may be found on gravestones in the graveyard behind the church.

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