South Bedburn Parish Council


South Bedburn Parish covers a fairly large, sparsely populated, but very lovely rural area.  The parish lies mainly between Wolsingham and Hamsterley parishes and includes Hamsterley Forest and Hamsterley  Common. South Bedburn Parish Councillors in 2017 are: Steve Lee (Chairman), Harold Raine (Vice Chairman), Helen Forbes, Dianne Horn, George Richardson, John Stephenson and Gordon Walshaw.  

Vicky Chilcott is Parish Clerk.   Contact details for any of the councillors can be obtained from either Vicky Chilcott or Steve Lee.  

Contact: Vicky Chilcott:  or 01388 488406.

Steve Lee: or 01388 488601

South Bedburn Parish Council meets at least four times a year at 7.30pm in Hamsterley Village Hall.  Meeting dates, agendas and minutes are publicised on the Hamsterley and South Bedburn website ( under ‘Organisations.’)   Anyone who wishes to raise a matter at a Parish Council meeting should notify either the Clerk or a Parish Councillor at least a week before a meeting.  Agendas will also be displayed on the Hamsterley Village notice-board near the telephone box in the main street.



Parishioners – and indeed any persons who are interested – are welcome to attend any Parish Council Meeting, but they will not normally be permitted to speak or ask questions unless invited by the Chairman to do so.  The one occasion when this rule does not apply is at the Annual Parish Meeting when any person may ask questions of the Councillors.  The Annual Parish Meeting takes place between 1 March and 1 June.  In 2017 it took place on Wednesday 17 May at 7.30pm.  The Annual General Meeting took place on this day at the same time.

Parish Council duties are to manage the affairs of the Parish in order to improve the quality of life and environment for people in the Parish and to represent the interests of the whole community.  Issues that Parish Councils can concern themselves with  include planning, highways, roadside verges, ditches, ponds, transport, traffic, community safety, housing, litter, graffiti, rights of way, open spaces, common land, seats, shelters, entertainment etc.  Parish Councils can also work in partnership with community groups, voluntary organisations and local authorities, such as the County Council, to benefit the community.   Parish Councils also deal with requests, suggestions and complaints from parishioners.

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The Parish Council bank account is held at Barclays Bank in Bishop Auckland.  The auditors are BDO Stoy Hayward and details of the Annual Audit are available for inspection on application to the Clerk or on the South Bedburn website.

Parish Councils are empowered to raise money for their activities through a tax (the ‘precept’) on parish residents and this is collected on their behalf as part of the County Council Tax.  The current local precept is £750 per annum.

Please contact the Parish Clerk or the Chairman if you have any further questions.

Agendas and minutes of Parish Council Meetings and other important documents can be found below:





Agenda 24.10.17

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting & AGM 17.5.17

Agenda 24.1.17


Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 19.4.16







SBPC Minutes 17.3

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