The Hamsterley Players

By Jaquie Holloway

Hamsterley Players

My own memories of The Hamsterley Players go back to April 1987 and my involvement in a Playgroup scene for a village entertainment in aid of the South West Durham Scanner Appeal.  It was quite clear from that wonderfully diverse production that Hamsterley already boasted some outstanding talent in the form of performers and creative writers as well as a deeply appreciative and supportive audience.  With boundless energy, imagination and enthusiasm (not to mention long-suffering families) the players got together on a more regular basis to provide a wide variety of entertainment, formally becoming The Hamsterley Players only when we took part in a Wear Valley Drama Festival and needed a name!  Over twenty years later, fortunately with some younger members on board, we are still happily creating a range of theatrical events for the local and wider community including open-air performances, storytelling events, comedies and pantomimes.

New members are always welcome, with or without experience, so if you would like to join in the fun, either as a performer or behind the scenes, contact Jaquie on 01388-488323 or Simon on 01388-488024.

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